Book of Abstracts

Altintzoglou, Euripides: Rhetorical Emergence: Affect & Allegorical Incipience in Post-Truth Narratives

Atkinson III, Mitchell: Leibniz Law Arguments Against Substrate Migration: Transhumanism, Personalism, and the Epistemic Chasm

Cichoń, Adam: Dr. Strange(love) or: from affection-images to inter-faces

Frelik, Paweł: Moody Wandering: Affects and Walking Simulators

García Castañeda, Victor Gabriel: Pathologies and self-representations on social media

Kök, Mümtaz Murat: Optimism as Emotional Attachment to Capitalism

Krzesicka, Julia: Affectively designed? In search of affect within human-technodigital objects’ encounters

Lipszyc, Adam: Affect Unchained: Violence, Voyeurism and Affection in the Art of Quentin Tarantino

Łapińska, Joanna: Sounds, Affects, and Nonstandard Intimacies in ASMR

Mazierska, Ewa: Technology and affect: some notes on contemporary films

Nayak, Aditya: Content creation, post-truth age and the power of persuasion

Nennstiel, Ulrike: Mindfulness and Emotional Capital

Nocek, Adam: From Complex to Affective Biology

Petrina, Denis: Affect Trapped: On Algorithmic (Ir)Rationality

Schollenberger, Piotr: Phrasing Affects in the Age of Impossible Mourning

Szarecki, Artur: Affect and Power in Post-Digital Culture: Reserved’s Marketing Campaign in Posthegemonic Perspective

Tyler, Tom: Difficulties

Vashistha, Aditi: Love Story in the Post-Digital Age

Wróbel, Szymon: Conatus or Beyond Death Drive