The Self and Digital Identity in the Era of “Networked Society”

The first event launching the cycle of discussions and symposia — the conference The Self and Digital Identity in the Era of “Networked Society” — was held on 16-17 October 2018, at the College of Artes Liberales (University of Warsaw).

The starting point of the conference is a simple intuition: there is a justified analogy between the emergence of the era of alphabetical writing discretizing speech flows and the advent of the age of digital media discretising audiovisual time objects (pictures). A networked society is – in this perspective – a society in which individuals (people) are permanently connected with everyone, forming a two-way network allowing each person to take up both the position of the sender and the receiver. In such a network one “receives” in proportion to what one “transmits”, that is, one publicizes one’s reception, which – in turn – becomes one’s creation. We wish to rethink all the consequences of this networking.

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