Book of Abstracts

Besse, James: ICTs and the Ethics of Emotional Design

Derra, Aleksandra: Machineries of Technoscience in Constructing the Social and its (In)Equalities

Lambert, Gregg: What is a Dispositif?

Kramer, Eli: Philosophy as a Way of Life in the Digital Age: The Dangers and Promises of “Non-Local” Philosophical Education

Krzykawski, Michał: Why Is It Not OK to Be Smart? The Evil Genius of Platform Capitalism and Psychopower (Descartes, Foucault, Stiegler)

Mazierska, Ewa: The Effect of Convergent Digitisation and Neoliberalisation on the Future of Music and the State of Music as the Indication of the Future

Miłkowski, Marcin: Technology of Communication and Human Rights

Nikitina, Ekaterina: Human-Animal Prostheticity: Creating Bonds, Saving Boundaries

Sazonov, Nikita: Pokemon Go Demons: A Theological Blindspot of Digital

Stemerowicz, Michał: The work of Art in the Age of Its Reproducibility – a Rehearsal of Consumerism and the Aesthetic Consequences of the Dissolution of Tradition

Szepe, Agata: Israeli Tourism to Poland in Social Media. Perspectives of Social Science of the Internet and the Actor-Network Theory Approach

Tyler, Tom: Players of the Flesh

Vishnizki-Levi, Yael: The Future of Manufaktura Through the Lens of Metropolis

Wróbel, Szymon: The Question Concerning Techno-Utopia

Zarod, Marcin: Stabilized Instability. Construction of Exploits in Computer Security

Ziarek, Krzysztof: Heidegger on Technics, Power, and the Planetary